The Geometry Discovery Project

UCI students are cordially invited to the Geometry Discovery Project (GDP). The purpose of this project is to provide undergraduate students research opportunities, and to provide a knowledge base for those interested in Euclidean geometry, including kids taking AMC or AIME, or participating Math Circle.

Here are some details of the GDP:

  • Students will learn how to collect materials to write expository paper using LaTeX typesetting (including tikz).
  • Students will learn how to give math research presentation.
  • Students can join my Math 199: Supervised Research. See the syllabus of the course.

Math Prerequisite Review Materials

The Math Prerequisite Review Materials provide you with an efficient review of the mathematical content needed to succeed in the most popular lower and upper division courses. For each course, 5-8 short modules include videos, notes, practice problems, and solutions. Reviewing for each course takes approximately 5 hours and ideally should be completed before classes start. These pre-requisite review materials can also be used during the course to review concepts or calculation techniques that are expected of students. Here is the link of the math prerequisite webpage.

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